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24th November 2017


Kiss have announced that they will be performing at the Barcelona Rock Fest in Catalonia on 7th July 2018 and the Resurrection Festival in Vivero, Spain on July 14th.

So far, these are their only confirmed upcoming European shows but it is unlikely to be only a two show visit to the Iberian Peninsular, thus sparking speculation that they may perform at several major European rock festivals in 2018. Watch this space...

Kiss history was made earlier this month when brothers Bob and Bruce Kulick joined the Kiss Kruise for the first time in the seven years the getaway has taken place.

Bob Kulick said about the event:

"Our appearance on Kiss Kruise 7 the first night on the Main Deck Sail Away Stage was one of our most exciting and memorable gigs in my life. And I know my brother feels the same way about it!"

kulick kiss

Just hours after the performance, the internet lit up when Kruise passengers began posting and sharing live video of the Kulick Brothers' show, which overwhelmingly was regarded as the strongest of the week.

The band, also comprised of vocalist/bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz, had one rehearsal and one chance to put a setlist together for the show.

"It was a very personal walk down memory lane," Bob states. "Especially with these songs, since we played on the original recorded versions of every one of them.

"It was, of course, also a treat to play with Brent Fitz, who was our anchor for the show as well as bassist and vocalist Todd Kerns, who happens to be the singer on my single, 'Rich Man', which just went to radio this week."

MetalTalk's Ian Sutherland conducted an extensive interview with Bob Kulick earlier this week in which the former Meat Loaf guitarist talks about Kiss, Lemmy and putting together his first solo album. You can see the interview in full right here


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