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28th June 2017


Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has revealed an interview with Ray Erick on Minnesota classic rock radio station 92 KQRS that he has co-written two songs for Ace Frehley's next solo album.

Gene was asked if Kiss have any plans to return to the studio to make new music and said:

"Well, I suppose at some point. But literally two days ago I was with Ace, who's not in the band — he used to be in the band three different times — and we wrote two songs.

"He asked me to write for his next solo record. So I went over to his place, way out in the desert some place, and we wrote two things. And eventually the band [Kiss] will go back in [the studio]. But there's no great incentive, because the record industry, the entire thing, is so dysfunctional. You work hard and you get paid, and if we're gonna work a year on a record, I wanna get paid too.

"Kiss is not a charity. We make a difference between what we do personally and as a band. We buy houses for vets, we supply jobs, we give money to charity, but that's 'cause I wanna give. I don't want anybody deciding that our art, our music, our concerts is free, because 'you have enough money'."

Ace's last solo album, 'Origins Vol 1' featured a guest appearance by Paul Stanley who played on a cover of the Free classic 'Fire And Water'. Ace reached out to Gene about contributing to the album but it didn't happen because "either Gene didn't get the message or he was just too busy," Ace told the WPDH 101.5 FM radio station last year.

You can see the whole interview with Gene right here:


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