Eddie Trunk Rocks FuXk Gear During Sirius XM Town Hall With Alice Cooper
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6th November 2017

fuxk roxk

FuXk RoXk founder and leader Todd Weller is all enthusiastic about Alice Cooper at the moment and after another storming year for the king of shock rock, so he should be.

Todd got a nice suprise recently when he saw something he wasn't expecting and here he tells the story...

"On a late Summer Saturday morning I woke up. Just like any Saturday morning in a fog and a tad hungover from too much Friday Fun created by self-induced Xtreme konditions.

"I went through my usual social media checks and it hit me. Holy Shit! There's a pic of Eddie Trunk wearing a FuXk RoXk shirt. Not only is he wearing our shirt but it's in a pic with Alice Cooper. Effin' cool!

"Wait - there's more! This was not just a picture but Eddie wore the shirt during a Sirius XM Volume Town Hall – a sixty minute segment that aired live on Facebook. This video has gotten over 230,000 views.

"Freaking awesome!

"If you haven't caught the video it's worth the view. It was entertaining and you will learn a lot about Alice Cooper... or wait, is it Alice or is it Steven? You'll know what I am talking about if you are familiar with Alice Cooper's characters.

fuxk roxk
Alice Cooper Represents Fun Under Xtreme Konditions

From his long standing career, sustainability, continued rugged touring schedule to his theatrical performance style, Alice Cooper truly is aligned with the FuXk Movement. Alice is truly Paranormal! By the way that's the name of his new album which rocks!

In fact, Alice Cooper demonstrated this early in the video when Eddie Trunk asked him if he was stressed?

Alice's response:

"I have no stress at all... I'm easy... getting my head cut off every night makes a big difference... my wife kills me on stage... I kill her. I'm in the business of rock'n'roll which is fun. What's there to stress about, honestly?"

Here's some other interesting quotes and tidbits from the town hall:

  • Alice Cooper battled alcohol and drug addiction over thirty years ago and has been clean since. That's freaking awesome dedication!
  • When he quit drinking, he took up golf. Great quote – "When I quit drinking I started playing golf. Most people start playing golf and start drinking because it [golf] does that to you... I needed to find an addiction that wouldn't kill me."
  • On golf – "It's a rock'n'roll sport now!"
  • "I'll be 70 next year and I've never felt better in my life... I get up and do five shows a week."
  • "I never gained any weight. I think I've weighed the same for fifty years." Good for you Alice! I wish I could say the same #jealous!
  • Alice loves horror movies and his favorite is 'Salem's Lot'.
  • U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons perform on several tracks on Alice Cooper's new 'Paranormal' album. Members of Alice Cooper's original band are also on the record.
  • Alice is a member of a supergroup called Hollywood Vampires that includes Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. The name Hollywood Vampires comes from a celebrity drinking club Alice formed in the 1970s.
  • On Hollywood Vampires (the band): "Johnny Depp can really play guitar and has taught Joe Perry some stuff."
    "It's the most fun band to play in as we are playing songs from all of our drunk dead friends."
    "It's the world's most expensive bar band."
    The band will be touring in March.
  • Alice owns a restaurant bar in Phoenix called Cooperstown. Former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson is involved. I bet you didn't know Randy Johnson is now doing photography. Check out his site as he has some cool rock photos!
  • They have a 22" hot dog on the menu called The Big Unit Hot Dog. Anytime it's ordered alarms and sirens go off.


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