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21st November 2017


Former Hawkwind keyboardist Michael 'Dikmik' Davies has sadly passed away.

Dikmik was brought into Hawkwind by band leader Dave Brock shortly after their formation in 1969 and he played on the band's self-titled 1970 album, 1971s 'In Search Of Space' and 1972s 'Doremi Fasol Latido' before leaving the group in 1973.

Hawkwind issued a statement which read:

"We are very sad to let you know that our old friend and band mate DikMik, Michael Davies, passed away early this morning.

"He will be loved and remembered for his innovative contributions not only to Hawkwind, but to a whole musical genre of which he was an important pioneer."

Dave Brock also made his own personal tribute, saying:

"I remember when DikMik joined the band – he bought himself an audio generator from Tottenham Court Road, got himself a Watkins Copycat echo unit, a fold up card table – complete with green baize – and became one of the innovators of electronic music.

"It was on DikMik's suggestion, and later persistence, that we got Lemmy to join the band and you know the rest!

"Goodbye old chap your legend lives on."

Lemmy says about DikMik in his autobiography, 'White Line Fever':

"My association with Hawkwind began with Dikmik. The 'instrument' he played in the band was a small box with two knobs that sat on a card table. It was called a ring modulator, but it was actually an audio generator that went out of human hearing at both high and low end; if it went down, you shit your pants. You could make people have epileptic fits with this contraption."

Lemmy continues:

"Anyway, it was Dikmik who got me in the Hawkwind. He was running around, looking for speed and of course he found me eventually. I was living with this girl in a small squat on Gloucester Road in London, and she ran into him. 'Oh, I've got a friend at home who takes pills', she said. So he came round and we discovered that we had a mutual interest in discovering how long the human body can be made to jump about without stopping. We went on something of a binge that lasted about three weeks, during which we had about two hours' sleep.

"He had decided he was going to India to find the Sufic secret or some fucking mystical shit like that. But he only got as far as Gloucester Road, which is in the wrong direction any, and then he gave up. He'd found me anyhow, and that was fine with him because he was the only speed freak in Hawkwind - the rest of them were acidheads - and he wanted some company."


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