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5th January 2017


Alestorm have revealed the title of their fifth album, 'No Grave To The Sea', and the band are currently ensconsed in a Florida studio recording their new forthcoming opus.

The band must have either received a healthy record company advance or been rather successful in their swashbuckling adventures of late as the latest promo shot sees them posing by a sun-drenched swimming pool, devoid of their usual buckaneering apparel and dressed in sharp suits.

Or maybe they are due before the magistrates any day now?

The band sent this message this afternoon:

"Ahoy humans! We are very thrilled to announce that we have entered the studio to record our fifth full-length album, entitled 'No Grave But The Sea'.

"We will be spending the next month at Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio in Orlando, USA, with producer Lasse Lammert once again at the helm. This will also be the first full release featuring our grandiose guitarist Máté Bodor.

"This is the point where we would usually tell you this album is going to be darker and heavier than our previous works, but that's probably not true. It is, however, full of epic songs about pirates, drinking, and pseudoscientific cryptogeography.

"We'll have a bunch more updates for you over the coming weeks and months, including the album cover, track list, release dates, and more."

However, upon their return to Blighty's shores, a challenge awaits the intrepid maurauding Dundonions.

Ship Of The Line have released their debut single, 'The Downfall of Piracy'. It's adapted from a poem attributed to Benjamin Franklin and celebrates the defeat of the famed pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, who after a furious battle was apprehended and beheaded by Lt Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy on November 22nd 1718, precisely 298 years to the day from the single's release.

The Portsmouth based band, who refer to themselves as "The Admiralty" and state their genre as 'Royal Navy Metal', have released the following statement:

"For too long have the nefarious forces of piracy held sway over the airwaves. We will no longer stand for such knavery. Ship Of The Line are here to challenge all so-called 'Pirate Metal' bands for supremacy of the high seas! GOD SAVE THE KING!"

Rock'n'Rolf from Running Wild was unavailable for comment.


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