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24th March 2018

the dreadful symphonies

The Crowd Went Crazy Records have just released a Metal and punk charitable compilation entitled 'The Dreadful Symphonies'. Limited to 616 copies in CD jewel case format, the album is also available digitally via Bandcamp.

All proceeds of the compilation will go towards the medical costs of the two-and-a-half year old Victoria who suffers from a malignant brain tumour. Victoria is the daughter of Marcin Jaworski, the guitarist/bassist of The Dead Goats.

The compilation consists of twenty-three previously unreleased tracks that have either been specially recorded for this occasion, have been unused at previous recording sessions or brand new tracks planned for future releases.

You can listen to the album right here and use the links in the player to order your copy of 'The Dreadful Symphonies'.

'The Dreadful Symphonies' tracklist:
1. The Dead Goats - Before The Storm
2. ICON of EVIL - Ojcze Wasz... (demo version)
3. Drip Of Lies - A.C.A.B.
4. In Twilight's Embrace - Pawns
5. Calm The Fire - Forget The World You Used To Love
6. Corruption - In League With The Devil (acoustic live)
7. The Dog - The Last Of The Hippies
8. Filth of Mankind - XX Wiek
9. Meat Spreader - A Man Who Falls Info Boiling Septic Tank
10. Fertile Hump - Kiss Kiss Or Bang Bang
11. Orphanage Named Earth - Future Found In Hope
12. Enfeeblement - I Run Blind
13. Alert! Alert! - Siekiera (Siekiera cover)
14. F.A.M - Boneyard (Impetigo cover)
15. CASTET - W.S.O.Ł.
16. Social Crisis - Żart?
17. Ogotay - A Hole In The Sky
18. The Stubs - Suicide Young One
19. CHORYGEN feat. Simi - Tryby (Breakcore Remix)
20. CRUSM - Devoured By Rats
21. After Laughter - The Mist
22. Squash Bowels - Bad Toys
23. The Dead Goats - Reborn In Gore

Artwork: Radek Pierściński, Cryptink
Mastering: Haldor Grunberg, Satanic Audio
Graphic design: Tukan, Dark Side Of Punk Records
Executive production: Instant Classic, 8merch

The CD version of the compilation can be ordered via: 8merch, Bandcamp or directly via By the end of March, 'The Dreadful Symphonies' will also be available from Arachnophobia Records, NIC Records, Scream Records and DIY Koło Records.


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