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27th March 2018


Memoriam have unleashed their second album, 'The Silent Vigil', via Nuclear Blast Records and just a year after the release of their debut album, 'For The Fallen', the old school Metal veterans have returned with an authentic, raw offering of Death Metal destruction.

In comparison to its predecessor, the new album focusses more on the aggressive side of Memoriam's music. Having put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into developing their sound, the band have skilfully crafted a monstrous tone that further enhances their imposing warfare.

Frank and Karl talked fondly about their punk roots in the run-up to the release of 'The Silent Vigil' and in this exclusive video trailer, the bassist and frontman now discuss life at The Mermaid.

To celebrate the release of 'The Silent Vigil', Memoriam recently presented a new lyric video for the track 'As Bridges Burn', which you can see right here, with Frank and Karl discussing their punk roots below. The band say about 'As Bridges Burn':

"'As Bridges Burn' is a song about change - a song about moving forward and not looking back. It is a song about transition which reflects the place where the band are at right now. It is a song that is all about having no regrets for the past and having hope for the future."

The first single from 'The Silent Vigil' was 'Bleed The Same', of which the band told us:

"'Bleed The Same' is a response to the fear and hatred that exists in the world that we live in today. The lyrics are predominately about freedom, equality and justice. This is a theme that is explored throughout the new album, 'The Silent Vigil'. The lyrical content of the song is a comment on the the rise of nationalistic xenophobic ideologies that proliferate on a global scale right now.

"The song was ironically inspired by a speech given by Donald Trump in his inauguration ceremony in 2017."

Memoriam join Judas Priest, Gojira, Nightwish, Doro, Kamelot, Emperor, Devildriver, Suicidal Tendencies, Mr Big, Venom Inc, Orphaned Land, Orden Ogan, Fozzy, Septicflesh and many more at Bloodstock 2018.

More information and great deals on tickets right here.


You can order your copy of 'The Silent Vigil' in a variety of Limited Edition formats right here.

'The Silent Vigil' tracklist:
1. Soulless Parasite
2. Nothing Remains
3. From the Flames
4. The Silent Vigil
5. Bleed The Same
6. As Bridges Burn
7. The New Dark Ages
8. No Known Grave
9. Weaponised Fear

Memoriam are:
Karl Willetts - vocals
Frank Healy - bass
Andy Whale - drums
Scott Fairfax - guitars




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