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3rd April 2018

jonathan davis

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has released the video for 'Everyone', the second single from his highly anticipated debut solo album 'Black Labyrinth', which is set for release on May 25th via Sumerian Records.

The video captures a jarring depiction of the dangers of 'follow the leader' tendencies by extremist cults. Here it is:

The previously released first single, 'What It Is', debuted as the #1 most added single on Rock radio and in case you missed it the first time around, here it is again:

Diverse and progressive, 'Black Labyrinth' represents a natural evolution for Davis, whose previous musical contributions have yielded two GRAMMY® Award wins, eight GRAMMY® Award nominations, worldwide sales of 40 million-plus and countless sold out shows in nearly every corner of the globe.

Inspired in part by the Ganzfeld Experiment, and the out of body experiences and hallucinations that often accompany it, Davis focused on religion, consumerism and apathy throughout the album.

You can listen to clips of the entire album right here:

jonathan davis

'Black Labyrinth' tracklist:
1. Underneath My Skin
2. Final Days
3. Everyone
4. Happiness
5. Your God
6. Walk On By
7. The Secret
8. Basic Needs
9. Medicate
10. Please Tell Me
11. What You Believe
12. Gender
13. What It Is

Photo Credit: J Weiner Photography


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