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13th April 2018


Danish melody masters Annominus's second album, 'The Architect', is out on June 1st via Mighty Music and the first single, 'Submertia', is premiering here today on MetalTalk.

With a raw and yet clean vocal and a mixture of heavy dissonant riffs and big melodies, Annominus distinguish themselves in many ways from the rest, and 'Submertia' absolutely confirms that. Here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Like the rest of the album, 'Submertia' was recorded under very intimate conditions with only the band and producer Anders Vohs present. It reflects the base idea behind the album - that you are what you create, be it happiness or disparity.

The symbolism of the title mixed with the evocative emotions that are hinted at in the lyrics are made synonymous in the painted picture of being drenched in an all encompassing and ever deepening ocean of being at odds with oneself and the expectations of a profane world.


'Submertia''s place in the final track list on the upcoming album also constitutes the "going under" part of the overlying story arch in the journey into one's own mind and set of values that in their essence is 'The Architect'.

You are what you create!

Annominus have supported major bands like Amorphis and American giants Black Label Society, as well as a headliner tour through Russia in 2015.

Annominus are:
Jacob Zinn - vocals/guitars
Mathias Wahl - drums
Peter Sandvig - guitars/vocals
Jens Moseholm - bass

Lyric video credit: Kasper Fladmose


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