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28th June 2016

jon oliva

Savatage mainman Jon Oliva has revealed that he suffered a stroke back in April.

Jon wrote on his Facebook page: "It was not as serious as it could have been, but it did leave me with some physical recovery challenges often associated with strokes. Physical therapy and rehab sessions are getting me back to normal, and I am once again feeling confident about recording new music. Needless to say, such a traumatic health issue was a real epiphany for me... oh yeah!

"I lived the rock n' roll lifestyle since I was 18. It's all I knew and I enjoyed the ride very much. But there comes a time in everyone's life where you have to step back and make some life-changing decisions... which I have! So with a fresh and energized approach to my life, I can now focus on the release of a double-album of new Oliva music to be recorded and released very soon."

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Jon has been putting together a collection of songs over the last year which he is "very proud of." He said: "I think all Savatage/Jon Oliva's Pain/Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Dr Butcher fans will really enjoy it. I believe it will be my finest effort yet and will feature all the different flavors of my musical influences and history. I promise not to let you down!"

Jon concludes by thanking his fans "from the bottom of my heart for your love and support over these many years together. Your desire for my music helps to fuel my soul and my love to create that music."

Savatage and TSO made rock history at last year's Wacken Open Air festival in Germany when they pulled off a never-before-attempted performance.

Wacken has a unique set up as the two main stages are situated next to each other, side by side and following a 40-minute Savatage set and a 40-minute TSO set, members of both bands, across both of the festival's main stages, performed a perfectly coordinated set.

This was an incredibly ambitious feat both musically and logistically and the bands pulled it off without a hitch with Al Pitrelli leading TSO on the True Metal Stage and Jon Oliva heading Savatage on the Black Stage. You can read all about this specatacular event and watch video of it right here.

Jon revealed at the time that he felt better than he had in twenty years because he had "stopped drinking and eating" in preparation for Wacken. He explained: "It's my voice that's freaking me out, because, even when I was in my late 20s, early 30s, doing songs like '24 Hours Ago' were always really hard to do. And, of course, I didn't realize that it was all the drugs and alcohol I was doing. But, after doing that, getting my act together and stuff, singing '24 Hours Ago', it's actually easy now. [Laughs]"

Our very best wishes go out Jon, a truly legendary composer and we're totally geared up for the new material and hopefully a gig in the UK in the not too distant future.


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