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30 December 2013

German Pagan Metal band Black Messiah returned at the end of 2013 with 'Heimweh' - their sixth release and their first ever solely in their own language.

Part of the European Pagan Metal scene since 1992, Black Messiah have broken free of their established Black Metal roots and sought a new way forward incorporating their blistering musical style into a format that also includes a love and affection for Scandinavian myth and legend in general, and Viking folklore in particular.

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This is an album that's bombastic and full of all the stylistic traits this band is now well known for.

'Heimweh' - literally translated as 'homesickness' - is yet another album brimming with huge choruses and powerful riffs that showcase the bands unique style and proving once again they let their music do the talking.

To accompany the album they have now released a video, 'Wildsau':

Track Listing:
01. Symphonia Pagana (Intro)
02. In The Name Of Ancient Gods
03. Jötunheim
04. Wildsau
05. Edmund Von Ostanglien
06. Nidhogg
07. Heimweh
08. Die Quelle Der Weisheit


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