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14 October 2013

In recent discussions on artists and their 'relevance' Radio 1 Head of Music George Ergatoudis stated: "The last Green Day project simply wasn't good enough" and said the band had outgrown the station.

In a creative world where getting profile to support and develop a broad music continuum where everyone can find the expression that connects with them it is depressing to find some bands are no longer supported on the nation's radio station that is funded from tax money.

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Biff Byford pointed out that metal and rock fans are loyal and tolerant, especially if a band produces an album that is not up to standards of previous work. Biff told the Independent in 2010 "the audience is very very loyal ... people will allow you to be shit sometimes and that's one of the great things".

So although George is head of music it looks like he may be out of step with potential listeners and their affiliations and subsequent music choices.

For those of us still interested in finding out what Green Day are up to, see below for a preview of the documentary 'Broadway Idiot'


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