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10th June 2013

cemetary gates
Packed with as many egos as one book can hold, 'Cemetary Gates' is the read that takes you inside the minds of the most twisted icons of Heavy Metal. Dead or alive, reformed or rebellious, the book uncovers the insane antics that earned each of these wild men their crazed reputation, showing exactly how they made their mark on a scene of shocking extremes.

Tread carefully for here lie: Ronnie James Dio, Bon Scott, John Bonham, Peter Steele, Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darrell... And among the living: Slash, Trent Reznor, Lemmy Kilminster, Marilyn Manson, Corey Taylor, plus many more from both sides of the grave.

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Between genius and madness, this world and the next, there's nothing but the faintest flicker of a pulse and the cemetary gates - as these twisted metal icons know all too well. Purveyors of the sickest, slickest sounds on the planet, they've more demons between them than Dante's Inferno. Whatever their deadly sin - be it lust, greed, abuse of winged creatures or murder most foul - these prodigiously talented hellraisers have all come dangerously close to the edge. Tragically, not all of them have returned.

Uncovering the crazed antics of each madman, 'Cemetary Gates' is the ultimate tribute to the stoical survivors who dragged themselves back from the abyss, as well as the sainted icons who weren't so lucky.

Available in June, this riotous epitaph ensures these heroes will never be forgot.

ISBN: 978-0-85965-483-8
Price: £14.99


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