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21st March 2013


Black Sabbath are preparing for their return to the road in New Zealand and Australia this spring. All being well this will be followed by a North American romp in the summer. The band will be making their first extended tour run since guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy last year'.

In an interview with Australia's Rip It Up, Ozzy commented, "Tony's fine, but he can only go out on the road for six weeks at a time as he has to have infusions or some s*** for his immune system. I was amazed that during his chemotherapy he was still writing songs. My heart goes out to him, because when Sharon had cancer a few years back, she was so sick from chemotherapy she could barely get out of bed. It's like having a football kick to the nuts. The chemotherapy is worse than the cancer – Sharon was like [the possessed child Regan in] 'The Exorcist,' having seizures all the time. Tony is doing really well though."

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Osbourne discussed trying to stay in shape for the tours and his brush with veganism. "I tried it, but I didn't last more than a week or two. I'm eating more meat now than ever! The only meat I haven't touched is the horse they're eating over here. I'll eat anything."

The idea seemed like a good one but Ozzy admitted it wasn't really him saying, "How can the guy who bit the head off several creatures suddenly turn full circle and now live on vegetables? That doesn't sound right? I was Satan last week. Now I'm on some f****ing do-it-yourself gardening experience." A brief encounter with veganism clearly made an impact on the singer as he revealed he's now turned to a high protein low carb diet and exercises regularly, losing 30 pounds in the process.


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