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12th March 2013

les-fest poster

As we have now hit 53 bands, we have decided to put a hold on booking the last few until the end of April. We have been inundated with requests, but where possible we like to see them live.

So we have a number of acts on our radar and will be attending various gigs and festivals over the coming few weeks. Don't worry where you are as we are prepared to clock up the miles. Our aim now is to really raise the profile of Les-Fest and promote the event and the artists that we have currently secured. Please help us get this out to as many people as possible.

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The festival site will have a bar located within the music venue. This will be open from 12 noon on Friday until 1am, 11am on Saturday until 1am and 12 noon Sunday until 1am. There is a also a VIP bar area, next to the VIP accommodation. In addition to the bar there is a Tapas Restaurant, which will also open at 8am and offer up a buffet style hot breakfast, teas and coffee. Under the music venue there is a restaurant that will also sell breakfasts and lunches and hot and cold food, from 8am.

Scotland is a beautiful country but the weather can be unreliable, hence the music venue being indoors. However if the weather is fine, there will be a 3rd outdoor bar next to the camping area with seating, or just lie back on the grass and enjoy the sunshine. There will also be an outdoor BBQ selling hot food next to the camping area.

Les_Fest is a ticket only event. Tickets can only be sold to people over the age of 16. People less than 14 years must be accompanied by an adult (Over 18) Children under 14 are free and most welcome. If you have a valid ticket you will be allowed to enter the venue. Camping tickets will also include a wristband, if you do not have a wristband you will be refused entry onto the campsite. If you wish to purchase drinks from the bar you may be asked to provide a valid id. No glass or bottles allowed onto the campsite and no drinks allowed to be carried into or from the venue. Please note, if found they will be confiscated.

Tickets are £35 and £45 including camping.


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