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16th September 2013

green day

It has been over a year now since Billy Joe Armstrong had a very public onstage meltdown.

Although Green Day have played at various festivals such as Reading and Soundwave bassist Mike Dirnt says the band are now looking forward to planning a tour and getting back to making music.

Mike acknowledges that the band hadn't stopped or had a proper break in their 20+ years together and that Billy Joe's health needs made sure the band stopped their work completely while Billy Joe had time, help, support and a lot of love from his band mates to address his needs and recuperate.

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Mike stressed the fact that his and fellow Green Day band mates primary concern was for Billy Joe's health.

"From a personal point of view, my friends' lives come before the band. As much as the band is part of our lives, we have to be healthy – mentally and physically – and what we do on stage is not easy, it carries a lot of responsibility, and it carries a lot of physical stress and mental stress.

"At this point, [Green Day] is held to a higher bar than we would have been a long time ago. We hadn't taken a vacation, hadn't looked up, hadn't done anything that wasn't writing music and touring. When you're working that hard, there's a lot of down time on the road. You can drink too much or get into sleeping pills or whatever, but at some point, you have to step up and make sure the person that you are is the [best] part of you."

Mike says Billy Joe is cool and "it's pretty awesome right now. We're ready to tour and play. [But] we're going to take some breaks in between so we don't kill ourselves. It's important for this band to make more records."

Watch this space for tour dates.


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