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13th September 2013


Transcending Obscurity of India have announced the signing of Pakistani doom Metal band Dionysus.

Founder/Owner Kunal Choksi states: "I've always felt that music has no boundaries and I'd like to prove it by signing a band from across the border to a label focused on Indian music.

"Dionysus has proved its worth with the release of 'A Hymn To The Dying' which will be promoted and distributed in a new package in the near future."

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Dionysus would like to add: "We're proud to be under the banner of Transcending Obscurity, India. We feel it's a big step ahead for us since these guys has been keeping it real since a long time and totally know their shit.

"We've always cherished the love and support from India and other parts of the world, now we're glad that we won't be caring about the promotion/publishing part since none can do it better than these guys in our part of the world.

"Hails to Kunal Choksi for taking interest in our music. We've started recording new material already. Expect cool things in the future."

Dionysus will be mesmerizing music lovers in the country with shows in the near future through Transcending Obscurity-related concerts.

'A Hymn To The Dying' is blackened death/doom Metal given perfect expression. It's brimming with melodies and masked with a layer of abrasive aggression. Moreover it has beautiful leads and flute arrangements. It's a very potent slab of moving music.

'A Hymn to the Dying' here...


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