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27th February 2012


Outloud's history dates back originally to Athens, Greece in 2004, when a young Tony Kash first starts taking guitar lessons from one Bob Katsionis of the band Firewind. Chandler Mogel (from the US, and then in Talon) is contacted and immediately flown in from New York to record vocals at Bob's studio and in an amazing three days, the three of them have recorded a bunch of songs that surprises even themselves!

Jason Mercury, Tony's best friend, is given the position of bass player straight away, while Bob calls his then band mate (and now Tainted Nation skin-beater) Mark Cross, to get behind the kit.

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And, thankfully, that wasn't the end of the story. In September 2008 the band could be found ensconced in Basement Studios locally recording their debut album. Mixed and mastered by none other than Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids), the album was described by the press as, "a mixture of Riot's 'Fire Down Under', Skid Row's debut, and TNT's 'Tell No Tales'. Entitled 'We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again' it was released (through Frontiers) in August 2009 – with the only change being Sverd T. Soth (ex Bare Infinity), who replaced Mercury shortly after the release. Justifiably, rave reviews worldwide followed and the album ended up on many Top Ten Lists, even hitting the No.1 slot of Best Album Of The Year in the notoriously hard to crack BW&BK.

Both singles ('We Run' and 'Tonite' (2010), went on to garner well over 100,000 views on Youtube, and proved so successful that the band regularly topped the Greek charts; with 'We Run' ranked No.3 in the Greek Metal Hammer 2009 reader's poll, as well as being on regular rotation on MTV, the band had arrived

Outloud not only proved themselves in the studio though. Having successfully headlined at home in December '09 and appeared on National TV in front of more than one million viewers, the band has since developed into a formidable live act with 10 headlining shows already under their belt last year, two festival headliners spanning five different cities, and a slot opening for Twisted Sister in Athens last Summer.

But, what of the future? Well, it's all looking good so far. Having released their AOR Heaven debut last July, the band now prepares to take to the world stage again in celebration of dates at home. Entitled 'More Catastrophe' and recorded in the Fall of 2011 with the production team of Katsionis and Tommy Hansen again involved, this band are on the cusp once again of success throughout Europe.

Including a Flamenco version of the magnificent 'Falling Rain', which was such a highlight of the last album, the band now announce the release of 'More Catastrophe', a six-song EP which contains three brand new songs plus the band's Christmas single 'Last Days Of December' and a piano and vocals version of the great single that began it all, 'We Run'. The EP will be available at their upcoming shows in Greece, as well as in stores and digitally across Europe via AOR Heaven.

Says Chandler of the reasons behind the release; "We wanted to give the fans a little something extra this time around. These songs pick up where the last album left off and at the same time serve as a road sign as to where we're going. Hopefully this will hold everyone over until the third album is ready, which we're currently starting work on."

'More Catastrophe' will also be available via the band's official website;


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