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24th February 2012

Mace in 1982

Earlier this week the story broke that Seattle grunge engineer(Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains) Dave Hillis's first band Mace has reformed. Now they want their fans to have the music for free.

Dave Hillis started his career as a 17 year old guitarist for the legendary thrash Metal band Mace. In the mid 80s, they released two LP's on Enigma Records in the US and Blackdragon Records in Europe. They were featured on Metalblade Records Metal Massacre V, recognized in the Trashmetal Encyclopedia and fanzine's around the world as a pioneering force in Heavy Metal.

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Led by Dave's furious guitar work they charted in the UK. and Japan's top 20; touring with the likes of Slayer, Anthrax, Raven, Death Angel, Testament and countless others.

Of course everyone knows Mace guitarist Dave Hillis went on to work on some of the biggest albums in rock history as a producer. (Pearl Jam '10', Alice In Chains 'Dirt'...etc) but Mace was always in the back of his mind.

Hillis told American Rock Scene: "I always wanted to remix the old songs, and when I opened my own studio I had to do it, and it was so much fun that we thought we would try a new song and that was so much fun that we said why not teach these young kids how it was done back in the day."

A huge part of the thrash scene back in the 80s was the underground tape trading movement. That would help spread the word like wild fire. Says Hillis when asked how important underground trading: "We got all our shows on tour and fanzine reviews and interviews that way, giving it away on the internet today is just an extension of that."

Mace is using the 21st century version of tape trading and is giving away Haarp Strings 2012 to their fans for free and they are encouraging them to give it away to anyone they want, no strings attached.

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