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7th December 2011


Soulfly will release their eighth studio album, 'Enslaved', on March 13th 2012, marking their 15th anniversary as a band at the same time. The lineup on 'Enslaved' features frontman Max Cavalera and guitarist Marc Rizzo, with Static-X's Tony Campos taking up the bass and brand-new drummer David Kinkade taking over behind the kit.

'Enslaved' was recorded at Tallcat Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and was produced by Zeuss, in collaboration with Max Cavalera.

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As is customary with Soulfly, the band will introduce some new and unexpected elements into the mix, including a guest violinist.

Soulfly also collaborates with two Metal veterans: Dez Fafara of DevilDriver and Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation. Ryan said it was "an honor to receive a call from someone you had pictures of on your wall as a kid."

Cavalera also wrote a song 'Revengeance' about his slain stepson Dana, whose death was the catalyst for the creation of Soulfly. He partners with his sons Igor and Richie on vocals, while his other son Zyon plays drums. It is the first time he has performed with three of his sons.

The band tracked 14 songs, 11 of which will be on the standard edition of 'Enslaved', with the other three appearing on the special edition. Track titles are as follows: Resistance, World Scum, Intervention, Gladiator, Legions, American Steel, Redemption Of Man By God, Treachery, Plata o Plomo, Revengeance, Chains, Slave, Bastards and Soulfly VIII. Please note, this is not the final track sequence.


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