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2nd November 2011

intrepid fox

The infamous Intrepid Fox in London recently re-opened its doors to live rock music and the venue is kicking things off in style with the best new live rock music nights in London along with independent record label SED Records UK.

The new monthly free-entry rock nights will be held for everyone who loves to see and hear real live rock music. The first night is on Thursday 10th November 2011.

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Headliners Hornet are a no-holds-barred dirty blues-rock band with a powerful rhythmic attack and a charismatic and intense stage presence and have already played sold-out shows at Soho's 275 capacity venue The Borderline and the 250 capacity O2 Academy2 Islington.

Big In The Game recently said; "The Sex Pistols had revolutionised the music industry in a way never seen before. It is my belief that Hornet will do the same, all that's left is to see their influence spread. Need I say any more?" And Glasswerk said; "The bands rise to superstardom depends on one thing - whether a major label has big enough balls to take on this rock leviathan."

Support comes from the fantastic Pink Cigar, a high energized sleazy gutter rock band which contains the energy of Iggy Pop and The Stooges and has supported the likes of Heavy Metal Kids and Faster Pussy Cat at The Underworld. Pink Cigar have been described as an amazing live, completely unmanufactured super cool band.

First on are Enteric, a female-fronted London based rock band with metallic intensity and melodic sensitivity combined with a heavy yet delicate mixture where down-tuned riffs and double bass drum grooves go hand-in-hand with soaring vocal lines and textured guitars.

The doors open at 8.00pm with music starting at 8.30pm. None of these bands are to be missed so be sure to get to this event early or you might get turned away at the door.

Finally a dark proper venue back on the border of Soho. Nothing will ever replace The Marquee but its the venue that counts. Keep music live, All Hail Pat and The Intrepid Fox!

The Intrepid Fox, 15 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LQ


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