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14th September 2011

mike patton

Mike Patton has revealed the title of his next album - 'The Solitude Of Prime Numbers'.

The album is a film-score for the Paolo Giordano novel and film adaptation of the same name and will feature 16 tracks. It will be released on November 1st through Ipecac Recordings.

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The tracklisting for the album will run all in prime numbers and is as follows;

2. Twin Primes
3. Identity Matrix
5. Method of Infinite Descent
7. Contrapositive
11. Cicatrix
13. Abscissa
17. Isolated Primes
19. Radius of Convergence
23. Separatrix
29. The Snow Angel
31. Apnoea
37. Supersingular Primes
41. Quadratix
43. Calculus of Finite Differences
47. Zeroth
53. Weight of Consequences


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