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2nd May 2013


The Good News

Metallica have unveiled "huge" details about the release of their 3D film 'Metallica Through The Never'. The band have announced that the film will open in theaters September 27th, playing on IMAX screens across the U.S. for a full week.

According to the band's website, that means the film will screen in over 300 theaters in the best possible way to experience a movie. For those without an IMAX theater in their area, there’s no need to worry as the movie will expand out to additional theaters in full 3D a week later on October 4th.

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At present the band is said to be still editing, but putting the final touches on the movie with filmmaker Nimrod Antal. In addition to the band, the movie will star actor Dane DeHaan as a Metallica crew member sent on a mission during the band's live performance.

Drummer Lars Ulrich says: "IMAX! It doesn't get bigger or cooler than that! For four guys in a rock band of average height, to get a chance to unleash their 3D film on IMAX screens the size of buildings across the country is a mind-blowing thought. 'Hey look, Mom, I'm 50 feet tall (finally!).' There is no better way to experience film and when you throw in the spectacle of music and sound, this should amount to an unprecedented, unique and truly next level experience."

The band's performances in Vancouver last summer were filmed as the source material for the concert portions of the movie.

The Bad News

Lars isn't expecting Metallica to release another album for another couple of years.

The band just took a trip to South Africa to perform one concert in Johannesburg and two shows in Cape Town and during an interview with South African news source Channel24, he spoke about Metallica's next release, the band's longevity and much more.

"It would surprise me if the next full-length Metallica record would come out before 2015," he said. "It takes us a while to make records, and we're also so busy with so many other things. But we'll get around to it eventually."

Check out Lars Ulrich’s full video interview with Channel24 in the player below.


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