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15th February 2013

the formula

Four talented musicians from Walsall, UK have recently joined forces with the legendary music producer Michael Wagener.

The group is composed of Dave Joynes on vocals and guitar, Carl Jenkins on lead guitar, Paul Clark Jr. on drums, and Jamie Mac on bass guitar. The group calls themselves The Formula, and the name fits.

If ever there was a formula for success and phonic beauty, The Formula has definitely hit the mark. These guys bring together a musical cocktail of excellence by combining their individual tastes and combined love for live music. Not only do they put together an amazing ensemble, but also their live performances have an energy that is rarely found elsewhere. They provide a cutting edge sound that audiences will not forget.

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Teamed up with Michael Wagener, The Formula are poised to become the next big British rock band. Wagener is a music producer from Hamburg, Germany and has been working in the industry since 1972. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, Wagener boasts over 94 million records sold and has worked with the likes of Skid Row, Ozzy Osborne, and Metallica as well as many others.

Wagener knows talent when he hears it and has a track record to prove it. So even though The Formula are only just coming out of the shadows of obscurity, they are likely to show the world something it cannot live without. If Wagener's legacy of success is any indication, which it is, The Formula is soon going to be on the road to stardom.

the formula

Trevor Gibson, a Birmingham based producer with Circle Studios, immediately suggested The Formula should be working with music industry legend Michael Wagener after listening to their demo. The band met with Gibson through their manager, Kelvin Cushman.

Gibson was so blown away by the immensity of the sound that he felt Wagener had to be involved. He spoke to Wagener on the band's behalf and agreed to sign on. With Gibson's and Wagener's experience, The Formula is bound to take off. With Wagener's long list of successes and his experience in the industry, The Formula is set to take the world by storm. This band has a sound that will blow you away and the management and support to lead them to success.

The Formula won the title of 'Live Band of the Year' in 2011 and was described as "well deserving" by the panel judge, Shaun Ryan of Ryan's Big Guide. In The Milk Bar podcast episode 115 The Formula were the featured band of the episode where Dave Joynes was interviewed right before they took the stage for the month two final of the Band of the Year competition.

The Milk Bar podcast explained: "They don't bother with expensive over dubs because they don't need it."

The Formula has been steadily gaining a following and with Wagener signed on as producer they are only going to keep growing as a band.

michael wagener
Michael Wagener

The Formula sounds like a mix of the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. Their songs really show how well these four musicians work together. The balance of sound in the song portrays the skill they have at writing a solid song with a cool vibe and Dave's vocal performance is extraordinary due to his extremely addictive vocal talent. Song's builds from a single riff into a powerful expression's of sound that balances the talents and styles of each of The Formula's members.

So keep an ear and an eye out for The Formula their debut single, produced by the legendary Michael Wagener, will be released soon and you do not want to miss it.


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