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10th December 2012

richie sambora

After witnessing his mother's home being declared uninhabitable after the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy recently Richie Sambora has teamed up with Alicia Keys, who also lost her home as a result of Hurricane Sandy, to record a single to raise funds for the American Red Cross.

The organistaion is carrying out ongoing humanitarian work associated with now longer standing difficulties that many New Jersey-ians are still experiencing such as homelessness. Richie says it is all about staying true to the people of New Jersey and remembering some of his fellow states people are suffering hugely as a result of the storm.

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The song in question is 'I'll Always Walk Beside You' and is already available for only $1.29 online by clicking here.

This version features: Alicia Keys - piano, Aaron Sterling - drums, Curt Schneider - bass with Richie's vocals and guitars


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