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13th November 2012

marcus siepen

Blind Guardian guitarist Marcus Siepen has joined German power Metal act Sinbreed as full-time member. After already performing live with the band for shows such as the ProgPower USA XIII, Marcus Siepen now joins Sinbreed as a permanent member.

It is completely unclear at this stage whether Marcus is staying in Blind Guardian as well. Sinbreed and leader Flo Laurin comments about the new member: "To welcome Marcus as a constant member was a obvious step and it just feels right. I'm really looking forward working with him on new meterial for our second Album coming late 2013."

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Sinbreed is lining up 2013 festival appearances in Germany, Spain and Belgium. Fan-filmed video and band-released audio of the new lineup's ProgPower USA XIII can be found below.

Blind Guardian have been silent since July when Hansi posted this update on the band's official website:

"Hi there,

"A long (far longer than expected) journey has more or less come to an end. After having had great fun with our Greek and German friends some weeks ago, we are now preparing ourselves for the final show here in Germany. Even though being on the road is always a very enjoyable experience for everyone in the band, it, on the other hand, demands a lot of time and makes it almost impossible for us to really keep our focus on songwriting. It therefore became more and more obvious to us that there had to be a stop to our touring activities to maintain a proper songwriting cycle.

"It will be a challenging but also a very exciting period for us. Having an album like 'At The Edge Of Time' in our rearview mirror is a curse and blessing at the same time. No matter if we try to finalize the orchestra project or start the songwriting for the next new 'regular' Blind Guardian album, it will demand our full attention during the next 24 months or perhaps even more.

"So, the final chance to see us live will be the Rockharz festival in Ballenstedt, Germany on Friday July 13th. I am absolutely sure that there will not be any Blind Guardian shows before Autumn 2014. So, do not miss this one!

"Last but not least, some information for those of you that are curious about the collector’s box that we’ve mentioned in some interviews. This box will contain remixed versions of the complete studio album works (based on the original releases) we have done for Virgin. During the next weeks we will provide you with the exact content once it is completely confirmed. There will be tons of material...

"I've found it extremely pleasant to revisit the old albums one more time, but mostly I enjoyed 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth', which for me remains the strongest Blind Guardian release to date. Mostly I was impressed by some of the songs, which we have not played live so far, 'Noldor' and 'The Curse Of Feanor' in particular. I immediately decided that we have to play one or the other in 2014.

"So, it truly is something to look forward to. Sounds like a (false) promise, I already made some time ago, doesn't it?

"History repeats itself, some mean people would say, and that life is a constant 'Battlefield' – which reminds me of another great song of ours...



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