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3rd November 2012

steven tyler
Aerosmith on the Today Show this morning...

Steven Tyler had a rough morning on Saturday - not only did he not know what show he was on, he also dropped an F-bomb on live television.

Tyler, who is probably never awake at such an early hour, performed with Aerosmith on the Today show this morning and while Roker was giving a weather update, Tyler screamed in the background to the crowd, "Thanks for coming out, you crazy fucks!"

Tyler thought he was on a different program and Al Roker's reaction on the video below is priceless.

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On the show, Tyler says Aerosmith are like "modern-day sorcerers". The rocker claims special things happen when the five members of the band get together.

Tyler, who left his role as a judge on American Idol after last season to return to his band mates, gushed about his musical skills on the show.

"It's interesting how... the music just smacks life right in the face," he said. "When we get together and write, we're like modern-day sorcerers."

steven tyler
Aerosmith on the Today Show this morning...

Aerosmith gave an astounding performance on the show.

The band have been together for over 40 years and their new record, 'Music From Another Dimension', will be their fifteenth album and is released on Monday. It's their first album in eleven years.

On November 1st Aerosmith appeared live on the David Letterman Show to perform new track 'Lover Alot' and you can see that right here.

Reviews for the album so far have been a mixed affair with most saying it sounds like leftover ideas from the 'Get A Grip' and 'Just Push Play' albums. And there are eight ballads on the album!

MetalTalk will deliver our verdict as soon as we have it...

You can also check out the promo video too for the track 'Legendary Child'. The F-Bomb video is below...


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