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1st November 2012

reading leeds festival

According to reports, Reading and Leeds festivals are looking to add even more stages to the 2013 event. However, according to organiser Melvin Benn, they will not be increasing capacity.

The older Metallers out there will remember the days of Reading Rock Festival and Monsters Of Rock when it was just one stage, with a strong line up where your billing was determined by your popularity. It was a way for newer bands to really launch their career.

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There was no need to develop a complex spreadsheet to determine what bands were clashing, no need to run a mile only to miss the end of one band and the start of another. In fact these days going to a major festival necessitates the need for a gym workout for weeks before, just so you're fit enough to hike around for five days.

So the idea of having a festival having up to nine stages is all a bit too bizarre for the purists here at MetalTalk. Benn is quoted as saying they want to "add more music" to the festival, but surely there must be a commercial motive for this? We're sure the cash that another two or three stage sponsors bring in will really help line the coffers of the organisers.

Reading and Leeds Festival takes place between 23-25 August in 2013 and they are likely to announce at least one of the headliners before Christmas.


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