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15th October 2012

richie sambora
"Over that way", says Richie. "London calling for my next gig".

Richie Sambora is in London for his 'Lowdown' tour for his only UK solo gig in the UK on 16th October to promote his recently released solo album 'Aftermath Of The Lowdown'.

Richie has taken to Twitter to acclaim his fans who turned up to what appear to have been massively succesful gigs in Munich and Amsterdam with Richie admitting he "left his heart on stage" after the Munich gig. Richie reports he is now resting his voice, feeing pumped and excited and generally in the positive frame of mind most of us associate him with.

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He also reports jokingly he is taking resumes for a new partner as he is interested in having more children and he does bow to his daughter Ava's exacting critique about what is and what is not an 'appropriate' age difference between Richie and a potential partner.

Although MetalTalk does note he is still in a relationship with his Whitetrash Beautiful co-creator and business partner Nikki Lund.

Tickets are still available from £68 starting price at Viagogo. wishes Richie a fun and successful gig on the 16th.


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