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9th October 2012


Whilst heading to Belgium early this morning the tour bus carrying technical wizards Periphery caught fire along a British motorway.

Band leader Misha Mansoor said: "Shortly after we left Southampton early this morning, our bus caught fire on the freeway. Thanks to Paul our awesome driver and Jake noticing something being wrong, as well as the incredibly fast response of the fire service in the UK none of us were harmed and it looks like all our stuff is okay too. If all goes well this should not affect the tour overall. We have a lot to be thankful for even though it was a hell of a scary way to wake up haha!"


New bassist, Adam Nolly, also of Red Seas Fire, said: "Our bus caught fire early this morning on the motorway. Thankfully everyone is OK and our equipment isn't damaged, so our touring schedule should not be affected. There's nothing like sprinting up a motorway embankment through the rain and mud in your boxer shorts to wake you up in the morning!"

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The band have been touring the UK with Between The Buried And Me and UK outfit The Safety Fire, without their drummer Matt Halpern due to a dislocated shoulder. Rising star, Mike Maylan from Monuments has been filling in for the UK leg so was not on board the bus at the time. Mike has said: "Seems that the universe answered my prayer for touring sooner - going to go aid some good friends for a week.

"Challenge accepted. Can't believe Periphery's bus caught fire last night, so glad all you dudes are OK! Stay safe and travel well amigos! I wanna thank all these dudes for being so welcoming and badass in general, also please send your best wishes to Matt, really wishing him a swift recovery! Legends, every last one of you!"


Periphery -' Have A Blast' featuring Mike on drums at Manchester Academy:

Boris Le Gal from Chimp Spanner will take over for the majority of the European leg, whilst Mike will start on the Euroblast Tour with Monuments next week. Periphery vocalist, Spencer Sotelo, said: "I survived a gnarly bus fire this morning, along with the rest of my band and our good friends in Between the buried and me. I'm just happy to be alive and very thankful that we were all able to make it out safely."

Summer Slaughter Tour 2012 including Periphery:

Periphery sound man, Alex Markides, said: "So our bus caught fire at 6am. Not a fun way to wake up to inhaling smoke in my bunk, a burning bus and a bunch of half naked dudes sitting in the freezing weather. Everyone is fine and gear is ok. Everything we own tho smells like absolute shit... Thanks to the response team for being there in less than 4 minutes. With out them I think there could have been wayyyy more damage and lots of valuables would have been lost."


Between The Buried And Me, Periphery and The Safety Fire continue their tour through Europe this week. Check their sites for tickets and details!


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