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4th October 2012

whitesnake ready an willing

A new 69 pence (or one dollar) app and eBook tell the story of the making of Whitesnake's 1980 album 'Ready An' Willing'.

Featuring three ex-Deep Purple members in David Coverdale, Ian Paice and Jon Lord (who sadly passed away recently), 'Ready An' Willing' sounded like old news in the rapidly ramping Metal environment of the day. But it was old news with classic rock swagger that is only now becoming noticed, appreciated, cherished.

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Author Martin Popoff explains: "I've had all the interview footage for this one in the Popoff archive for a long time so I'm glad to finally see it launched in our new buck-a-shot digital format.

"Talked to bassist Neil Murray, guitarist Bernie Marsden and vocalist David Coverdale about this album, sort of a bit every chance I could get over the years, because it's my favourite Whitesnake album, one of the finest Martin Birch recordings to boot, and issued during the excitement of the NWOBHM and yet bluesily above the fray."

Ye Olde Metal: Whitesnake's 'Ready An' Willing' is available as a 16-page eBook in high-resolution PDF format from www.zunior.comand as an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes App store:

Y&T's 'Black Tiger' and Motörhead's 'Overkill' are also available as apps and eBooks in the Ye Olde Metal single-album series.


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