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6th September 2012


Iranian thrash Metallers 5GRS have recently announced a new line up and posted video footage online. The video can be seen at the bottom of this page. The band made this statement: "We are proud to announce new members to the camp. Sanam5049 - Vocal, Yashar Mojtahedzadeh - Drums, Faraz Jabbari - Bass and Arastoo Hanafi - Guitar. The change is something we had to do in order to keep 5GRS a live playing entity!"

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"I started 5grs in 2004 ,and during these years I have worked with many musicians, but most of the time it didn't work at all, and I always looking for some stable guys to work with as a real band.

"When I was starting the third album I had met Yashar and Faraz and after a side project which was a cover band named Night Crawlers, I found that our attitude is so close together and we decided to work together in 5GRS.

"Meanwhile we confirmed the first Persian Metal festival in Armenia and Sanam who was the studio singer and the second oldest member decided to sing for this festival for the first time upon the stage, and finally Arastoo joined us as the lead guitarist and I hope we can work together for a long time and I hope we can get what we deserve," guitarist Pooyan Madadi commented.

"After working with some other bands, I've finally decided to join 5GRS, and the main reason was not necessarily their music but their perseverance and their approach to this music, which was totally amazing, and that was exactly what I was looking for. You can feel a great and cool atmosphere in this band and I am sure with this attitude we can set our bar and goal higher and higher in the near future," the band's new drummer Yashar Mojtahedzadeh stated.

5GRS is an Iranian Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Bands formed in 2004 in Tehran by Pooyan Madadi, the band's lead guitarist and composer with their discremenating factor being the first Metal band in Iran benefiting from a female lead vocal.

5GRS are:
Sanam5049: Vocal
Pooyan Madadi: Guitar
Yashar Mojtahedzadeh: Drums
Faraz Jabbari: Bass
Arastoo Hanafi: Guitar


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