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18th July 2012

randy blythe

Czech tabloid are reporting that the prosecutor's complaint to block Randy Blythe's bail has been dismissed by a panel of municipal judges.

However, the site also reports that the bail for the Lamb Of God singer has now been doubled, to US$400,000.

The band's manager Larry Mazer said only that their lawyer told them to be prepared as they might have to send another $200,000. Mazer said that they are still waiting for an official letter, which must be issued within 48 hours, that states what conditions have been made. "We are hopeful that tomorrow morning there will be an official letter," said Mazer.

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Here's the report. We had to translate this from Czech and the online translators are gramatically erratic so here's a link to the original so you can check the fine detail for yourself.

"American singer of the group Lamb of God Randy Blythe may be released from custody. The Prague Municipal Court dismissed the complaint of prosecutor, who disagreed with the singer's release on bail. But the Municipal court doubled Randy's bail to $400,000 and this was confirmed by the singer's lawyer.

"Senate, under the leadership of Judge Lubos Vrba, decided this on Monday afternoon in closed session and this was confirmed by the Resolution of the District Court.

"Although pay all Blythe has won. "Will depend on when the municipal court will send a reasoned decision to Circuit Court. Only then can take the money," said the singer's attorney Tuesday afternoon. According to court spokeswoman Martina Lhotáková this should happen in the coming days.

"The eventual release will allow him to plaintiff within three days before another complaint. The whole thing would once again go to municipal court and the release could be postponed until next week.

"Blythe arrested in late June upon arrival at Ruzyne airport. It is suspected that two years ago at club Abaton he killed a fan who tried to climb up behind him on stage. A nineteen year old boy died after two weeks in the hospital.

"District Court for Prague 8 sent the singer into custody for fear that he could fly back to the United States. He provided $200,000 bail, which is about 4 million (Korun but $400,000 U.S. dollars).

"Although Blythe paid, he stayed behind bars because the prosecutor appealed against the order of the District Court, the matter went to Municipal Court, and singer's stay behind bars was extended."

Click here for The Randy Blythe Legal Fund. Those lawyer's bills are expensive and if each fan donates the price of a packet of smokes or a pint of beer, it will go a long way towards giving Randy his life back.

We are collecting messages of support for Randy which we will forward on to him. Click here to send yours...

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