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10th August 2011


Following their recent triumphant UK tour with Journey and Styx, Foreigner release an album of unplugged classics entitled 'Acoustique' on 26th September.

The album will feature acoustic versions of legendary Foreigner songs such as 'I Want to Know What Love Is', 'Cold As Ice' and 'Waiting For A Girl Like You'.

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The album features the 'new' Foreigner line-up which has been in place since 2005: Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen, Jeff Pilson and Tom Gimbel. Founder Mick Jones has this to say about the unplugged set:

"My feeling over the years is that if you can write a song on an acoustic instrument, and it sounds good, you know you have a good song. The first time we approached these songs this way I was flabbergasted about how well they adapted back to their nucleus. It's been an eye-opener how stripping the songs bare brings fresh meaning and emotion out of them."

Meanwhile, new boy, vocalist Kelly Hansen, enthused recently:

"We were doing these live acoustic shows that were being broadcast, and we got a huge response. It was kind of shocking and surprising, and also something that was really new for us. We've never really done that, kind of laying yourself out naked, without lights and amps or anything. It was a real different feeling and a challenge, so we came back and decided to record it."

The album will also be released as a two-CD+DVD digi-pack, 'Acoustique & More'.


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