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14th May 2011

jd overdrive

The debut album of a young but very promising Polish band JD Overdrive will be released by Metal Mind Productions in early June.

'Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood' consists of ten tracks (plus a fancy intro) filled with American dirt, including their own interpretation of the Jimi Hendrix classic 'Purple Haze'.

The band have recently posted a couple of tracks from that album on their Myspace profile. You can find tracks 'Ballbreaker' and 'Purple Haze' by clicking here.

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The band were formed in 2007 when guitarist Michal 'Stempel' Stemplowski (along with drummer Luksus and bassist Kuba) recruited vocalist Wojciech 'Susel' Kaluza for his new rock project. Soon, out of a few loose ideas came a material that felt like the stench of the muddy waters of Louisiana mixed with a warm breeze of the wind traveling across the Nevada deserts.

The American style of stoner rock and southern Metal dominated their music completely, eventually giving life to Jack Daniels Overdrive.

They self-released their debut EP called 'Pure Concentrated Evil', which received a bunch of great reviews in various webzines and magazines. They played their very first show supporting Jesus Chrysler Suicide and the following two opening for Beatallica.

In the meantime the band experienced two line-up changes, welcoming into their ranks drummer Lukasz 'Jooras' Jurewicz and bassist Lukasz 'Peo' Pomietio. In March 2009 they were given the honor of performing in Krakow with the living legends of stoner Metal – Phil Anselmo's Down.

In the following months came the inevitable – they changed their name to JD Overdrive to avoid legal problems with the Tennessee tycoon. And just when they thought that nothing can surprise them – on March 9th, 2011 they opened for Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society in Warsaw.

Now, after over three years of gathering experience at numerous live shows and sharpening their material, JD Overdrive are proud to bring you their debut album called 'Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood'.

'Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood' will be released in Europe on 6th June and in USA on 12th July (via MVD).


1. A Taste Of The South...
2. Ballbreaker
3. Boot Hill
4. Truth Teller
5. No Man's Land
6. The Art Of Demolition
7. Stoned To Death
8. Guilt And Redemption
9. Purple Haze
10. Demonize
11. Into The Same River


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