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4th May 2011

tony iommi

Tony Iommi has named his forthcoming biography 'Iron Man: My Life With Black Sabbath And Beyond', according to the unofficial Black Sabbath website

The book will be distributed by Da Capo (Simon and Schuster in the UK), who reportedly paid a six-figure amount at auction for the rights. Foundry Literary + Media co-founder Peter McGuigan completed the North American rights deal for the book and described the yet to be completed work as; "'Angela's Ashes' meets 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' meets 'Spinal Tap'."

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Tony stated about his upcoming memoir in the Birmingham Post last year; "I've been working on it for a long time. We've been so busy for the last couple of years it's been difficult finding the time to do it. But it's coming on and hopefully it will be out [soon].

"I'm not going out to blast at everybody, that's for sure. That's for the next book!"

'Iron Man: My Life With Black Sabbath And Beyond' will chronicle the drugs, the debauchery, the drinking, the dungeons, the pressure, the pain, the conquests, the company men, the contracts, the combustible drummer, the critics, the comebacks, the singers, the Stonehenge set, the sleazy managers, the music, the money, the madness, the Metal.

Tony goes on the record about Black Sabbath and recounts his life story in detail and depth. This is the other side of the story, the exclusive account of the life and adventures of one of rock's greatest heroes.

'Iron Man' will reveal the man behind the icon, his humor, intelligence and warmth.


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