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6th April 2011


Trivium have posted a short video update regarding the recording of their forthcoming new album which you can view below.

Trivium finished their blockbusting world tour early last year and announced that they were to retreat to the studio for the rest of 2010 to create their fifth album. Now, almost a year later, we have a good idea of what we can expect.

In an interview with in January, frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy revealed that the band will 'forego the complex epic compositions, tricked-out leads and seven-string guitars that characterized the last two albums and take an approach similar to that of second album, 2005's Ascendancy, by using uncluttered riffs, drop-D tuning and more straightforward solos.'

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Trivium began writing the as yet untitled new album in late 2008 and composed more than 30 songs whilst on the road in 2009. After the world tour founding drummer Travis Smith was replaced with Nick Augusto. The band fine-tuned 17 of the new songs and demoed the album in late July and August. They started recording it on September 27 at Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Colin Richardson. Corey also revealed to in January that the album "will be out sometime this summer" and that the band's 2011 touring plans would not include any UK summer festivals this time around;

"Hopefully the record is out sometime this summer... We are doing an Australian tour in April then start touring for the album in July. Summer festivals - we are only doing Wacken."

Here's what Corey has to say about where we are at the moment and it's all looking very positive indeed.

The new Trivium album is's tip to be 2011's blockbusting Metal album.

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