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20th October 2010

bruce dickinson

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson flew the Liverpool football team to Napoli for their Europa League clash with Napoli earlier today.

The legendary frontman spoke to before he piloted the flight from John Lennon airport.

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"I started flying about 20-odd years ago just to see what it was like,"

"I've been interested in flying since I was a kid but I was always busy with music so I never had time to do anything.

"When I did get a bit of time, I just got completely hooked and one thing has led to another - but I'm not quite sure how I've ended up as the captain of an airliner!

"I don't know what (career) gives me the bigger thrill as they're both big rushes for me. I am never going to give up singing because it's been my life and there are so many Iron Maiden fans out there who would come and lynch me if I did.

"We actually took one of these airlines around the world badged up with Iron Maiden logos and with all our equipment, roadies and the band. That was very exciting and combined both things."

Bruce admits that football is not his preferred sport (he used to be a European Cup standard fencer), the prestige of flying Liverpool Football Club on their latest European adventure has not been lost on him.

"Liverpool are an amazing club. They are more than a club, they are an institution and represent such a body of people here in the city. I hope they do well - it would been good see them with their tails up."


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