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21st September 2010


Metal Mind Productions presents the exclusive re-release of the self-titled album by Angelzoom. This album is a truly magical journey into the most beautiful corners of the mind.

Angelzoom is a project of vocalist Claudia Uhle, who was known from the German pop ensemble called X-Perience, where she sang from 1995. The group had two major hits in 'A Neverending Dream' and 'Magic Fields'. In 2004 she used her time off from the group to focus on her solo work.

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The result was Angelzoom, an extraordinary musical creation which allowed Claudia to fully expand her talent. The musical content on Angelzoom's debut offering ranged from classical music to new-wave, dark synth, gothic and even electro pop. All this combined with Claudia's high-pitched, operatic voice made up for a truly impressive mixture.

Claudia herself thinks of the album as 'a crossover from different fields, electronic and classic, dark ambiences and atmospheres.' Her main ally in creating Angelzoom's debut was producer Bernd Wendlandt who composed most of the material and helped Claudia with vocal arrangements.

"I have known Bernd for many years. We worked together on the first and second X-Perience albums. He was one of the producers." she explained.

"Together we had the idea to produce an album, which sounds like a soundtrack to a film."

Indeed, Angelzoom's debut LP sounds a lot like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn't been made yet. The first track, 'Turn the Sky' surprises the listener with its cinematic structure and dynamic rhythm. The track features a guest performance by the famous Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica.

But they're not the only guests on 'Angelzoom'. 'Back In the Moment' features the well-known German musician and actor Joachim Witt, while in 'Dream in a Church' Claudia teams up with the Neue Deutsche Härte/medieval metal band Letzte Instanz.

There are three cover versions on the album - Depeche Mode's 'Blasphemous Rumors', Deine Lekaien's 'Into My Arms' and Linkin Park's 'Crawling' (described by many critics as superior to the original).

After releasing the album, Angelzoom went on an European tour in 2005, supporting Apocalyptica. Then the project went on a four-year hiatus. In the meantime Claudia left X-Perience in 2007 and in 2009 began working on Angelzoom's second solo album, which is scheduled for release this Autumn.

Critics often compared Angelzoom's music to such artists as Depeche Mode, The Dresden Dolls, L'Áme Immortelle, The Birthday Massacre and even Enya. This exclusive reissue of Claudia's debut solo offering takes the listener to a world of infinite beauty, filled with magical, enchanting sounds. A world where you'll wish you could stay forever.

The new digipak edition of the album includes 7 bonus tracks and is limited to 2000 copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Metal Mind Productions set the release date for October, 11th in Europe and December, 7th in USA (via MVD).


1. Turn the Sky
2. Back in the Moment
3. Blasphemous Rumors
4. Otium
5. Falling Leaves
6. Guardian Angel
7. Crawling
8. Bouncing Shadows
9. Fairyland
10. Dream in a Church
11. Lights
12. Newborn Sun
13. Into My Arms
14. Christmas Dreams

Bonus tracks:

15. Peace of Mind (from the motion picture 'Alone In The Dark')
16. Fairyland (video clip)
17. Fairyland (radio version)
18. The World Between (non album track)
19. Sapphire Sky (non album track)
20. Fairyland (Blutengel Club Remix)
21. Fairyland (Sacrifight Army Remix, Guitars on Front)


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