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  19th April 2010



San Francisco Bay Area thrashers EXODUS have uploaded 'Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)' - a new track off their ninth studio album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition - onto their MySpace player.

Recorded this past December in Northern California with renowned producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Kreator), the new release will be available in Europe on May 7th.

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Guitarist/songwriter Gary Holt shares the background on the newly uploaded song:

"We decided to give everybody another taste of the new record... and it's about one of America's favorite pastimes, the school shooting. This song was primarily inspired by the massacre at Virginia Tech, as well as Columbine and the many other instances of unhinged individuals who decided to take out their wrath on their classmates, going all the way back to [University of Texas at Austin's 1966 tower sniper] Charles J. Whitman."

EXODUS recently concluded their participation on Megadeth's Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour. Photo galleries of their live performance in Hollywood at The Palladium on March 31st can be viewed at the following sites:,,, and Flickr.

A demo version of "Hammer And Life," the band's ode to original EXODUS vocalist Paul Baloff (R.I.P.), can also be found on the EXODUS MySpace player.

The track listing for Exhibit B: The Human Condition is as follows:

01. 'The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles'
02. 'Beyond The Pale'
03. 'Hammer And Life'
04. 'Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)'
05. 'Downfall'
06. 'March Of The Sycophants'
07. 'Nanking'
08. 'Burn, Hollywood, Burn'
09. 'Democide'
10. 'The Sun Is My Destroyer'
11. 'A Perpetual State Of Indifference'
12. 'Good Riddance'


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