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  3rd April 2010



Glenn Danzig is set to unleash the first new Danzig studio album in six years.

'Deth Red Sabaoth' was produced by Glenn and recorded in Los Angeles during 2009 and will be released on June 22 2010 through Evilive and The End Records. The cover artwork is by artist Joe Chiodo.

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The 11-track collection, writted by Danzig, includes tracks like 'Black Candy', 'The Revengeful' and 'On A Wicked Night', which will be the first single.

Part 1 of the exquisite two-part 'Pyre of Souls' opens with acoustic guitar, haunting piano, Glenn's plainsong vocal, and an almost dirge-like feel; Part II explodes with electric guitars and a driving, mesmerizing cadence.

"I think that fans will really dig this new album," said Glenn. "I've been told several times that the album has a cool vitality to it, it sounds energized, and I got that feeling when I was recording it. I wanted it to have an organic sound, bigger and thicker, so I went out and bought some 1970's Kustom tuck 'n roll bass amps to play some of the guitar parts through. You'll hear real reverb, real tremolo on this album, which sounds completely different than the stuff that's done with computer chips."

Joining Glenn in the studio for the recording of 'Deth Red Sabaoth' were guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry), a Danzig cohort on and off since 1997, and drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Seventh Void).

Kelly has toured with Glenn on and off since 2002 but this is the first time he has recorded with the band. Glenn handled the bass for most of the album, and played drums on 'Black Candy'.


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