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  10th March 2010


Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom have announced that they will be going into the recording studio this summer to record a brand new studio album.

children of bodom

Bass player Henkka T. Blacksmith has published the following message:

"It is great to have a new rehearsal space. We can rehearse whenever and as long as we want. And this is a new thing for us as a band. So making new songs is now really different than before.

"It's been really exciting, once again, to gather at the rehearsal space and start jamming the new ideas Alexi (Laiho) has in mind for. I'm really excited now, and looking forward everyday to get there again to see what's new this time.

"Soon we will jam some old songs too, since we have these three shows in Finland next month. It s been quite a long time since last live show, so that is a fresh thing to do also, the small Fenno-tour. And we've never played in Sotkamo area!!!

"We will enter the studio in the middle of next summer. And then we will take our time to track the stuff, then mix it and master it. Then the labels need their time to prepare the release... so unfortunately the release won't be this year, that's for sure. We will let you know as soon as we know the date.

"When the tracking is done, the rest of the summertime we will spend at some summer festivals in Europe.

"And, we will put some footage, diary thingies, from the studio, that's for sure!"

Finnish Mini Tour 2010

April 08 - Pakkahuone, Tampere (FIN)
April 09 - Club Teatria, Oulu (FIN)
April 10 - Hellkatti, Holiday Club Katinkulta, Vuokatti (FIN) + Stratovarius

Summer Festivals 2010

August 12-14 Brutal Assault, Pevnost Josefov (CZ)
August 13-15 Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Hall Derby (UK)
August 14-15 Ankkarock, Vantaa (FIN)
August 19-21 Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl (GER)


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