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Alestorm: 'No Grave But The Sea'
Out Now (Napalm Records)

1st July 2017

daryl soar
Words: Daryl Soar


If you like Folk Metal, are already a fan of Alestorm or just need an excuse to indulge your drinking habit then 'No Grave But The Sea' is a must have accessory to your lifestyle. The songs will have you humming along and attempting to mouth the words from the very first listen.

Alestorm, originally from Perth, Scotland, are a pirate themed incarnation of the now well established Folk Metal genre and are the love child of Christopher Bowes who takes all the writing credits and is clearly a talented musician. Every song on the album would tick all the right boxes in the songwriter's handbook, if such a thing existed.


The album has a well balanced sound that allows the mixed instrumentation to shine. It's very much in the style adopted by the Folk Metal scene with focussed honky guitars and a tonal gap for every instrument to fit. Keys, trumpets, strings, it's all there contributing to the overall sound of the music. Everyone gets a part, and everyone knows their place.

Starting with title track 'No Grave But The Sea', the album sets out its stall in laying down a solid Metal based sea shanty while in 'Mexico' it moves to a pop-esque sing along party feel and from then on the raucous rowdy spirit overwhelms the listener until the the end of 'Treasure Island', ready for another run through.


While these songs are all insanely catchy and will infect your brain, the standout track is 'Fucked With An Anchor'. This song was a highlight of Download Festival 2017 and has proved just as entertaining every time it comes up - just be careful not to sing along in public.

1. No Grave But The Sea
2. Mexico
3. To The End Of The World
4. Alestorm
5. Bar ünd Imbiss
6. Fucked With An Anchor
7. Pegleg Potion
8. Man The Pumps
9. Rage Of The Pentahook
10. Treasure Island

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Chris Bowes was recently the special guest on Steve Göldby Talks Metal and you can listen to the whole conversation right here.


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