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Doyle/The Dead XIII/Ward XVI: The Cathouse, Glasgow

johnny main
Words: Johnny Main, Pictures: Carlan Braid


It's always the same, isn't it? You wait years to see someone live and then you manage to catch them on stage twice in barely a year – so it is with Paul Caiafa, better known as Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, who's best known for his time with the horror punk band the Misfits.

Out on his own once again, Doyle returned to UK stages on a larger tour than the previous one and once again managed to pull a respectable crowd, bearing in mind it was a bank holiday weekend.

Before Doyle and his no-so merry band took to the stage, we were entertained by a couple of support bands in the form of Ward XVI and The Dead XIII.

The former were a pretty good if somewhat strange outfit. They certainly got the audience involved as vocalist Psychoberrie jumped off stage so she could orchestrate some audience dancing, which they seemed quite happy to participate in during 'Adrenochromania'.


Psychoberrie has a voice which is reminiscent of a young Siouxsie Sioux and could be incredibly ferocious at times, but she's also able to give a subtle and emotive performance as per the intro to 'Call Of The Siren' before the bass and drums kicked in, bringing out the headbangers.

'Toy Box' was a showcase for the skills of guitarist Dr. Von Stottenstein, and I could see why the song is left near the end of the set - epic barely covers it. Oh, and a shout out too, to Lex Whittingham who, for reasons unexplained at the time, swapped from guitar to drums for the show and did a solid job throughout the set.


With the audience nicely warmed up, it was time for another new band for me, The Dead XIII, to take to the stage. Hailing from Manchester, they have released a clutch of albums since 2013 and although a more straightforward Metal than previous band, they impressed me from the get-go.

Frontman Kurt Blackshard has a commanding presence and he gave his performance his all despite occasionally being drowned out by the rest of the band. Shocking lighting unfortunately made it hard to see all of the band at times, but the audience certainly gave them a good reception.


Three tracks from their latest release 'Dark Days' were included in the set, the title track, 'Killers' and 'Bloodlines' with guitarist Ste Mahoney making the best of his moment in the spotlight on the latter.


For me, though, 'XIII' from their 'Catacombs' release was the absolute best of their set with Blackshard really showing his worth getting the crowd involved. Why have I not heard of both these bands before I don't know, but they've caught my attention now and, I suspect, a few others after these performances.


So, to the main draw of the evening, Doyle, whose band is very much one of his own image. The set list centered around his two releases 2013's 'Abominator' and the more recent 'Doyle II – As We Die' which was released in 2017.

Anyone turning up looking for Misfits songs may have been disappointed with the lack of tracks from his previous band, but they probably weren't disappointed for long as the band took us all on a dark journey with the best of what they had to offer.

There was no fancy lighting, stage effects or gimmicks as the band finally took to the stage, opening proceedings with 'Abominator', as their sixty-minute set unfolded.


Front man Alex Story (aka "The Wolfman"), who seemed to pour more water over his head that he drank, took control of the audience announcing time and again that the next track was "a love song – you can dance to!" to the amusement of the audience.

When some wag shouted out "Give us a love song we can dance to!" halfway through the set, Story firmly put him in his place telling him "You shut your little mouth!" to cheers from the rest of the crowd. Now that's how you deal with hecklers.

'HeadHunter' allowed Story to get up close and personal with the front row of the audience as drummer Wade Murff punched out the relentless beat while Doyle paced every inch of the stage punishing his guitar, hardly looking up at those pressed hard against the crowd barrier trying to get a good view.


Other highlights included 'Witchcraft' when the audience finally took Story's advice to "dance" as a sizeable mosh pit opened up sending one couple in particular scurrying to the side before the pit began in earnest, while a sole crowd suffer made a hash of things as he struggled to surf towards the stage. Oh well.

'DreamingDeadGirls' gave the audience a chance to sing-along as Story gave an electrifying performance. 'Cemeterysexxx' succinctly put is about "fucking in graveyards" Story told us with a laugh and had Doyle taking centre stage with that evil stare of his picking out the numerous camera phones hoisted in his direction.


'Hope Hell Is Warm' closed off the short but entertaining set and as the audience headed for the bar, the band made a quick exit – no encores, and no hanging around on stage to accept the plaudits of the audience bringing to an end a good, if unimaginative, performance and a couple of support bands who could easily hold their own.

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Set List:
Beast Like Me
Valley of Shadows
We Belong Dead
God Of Flies
King Of the Undead
Hope Hell Is Warm


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