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Sabaton & Kreator: Music Hall Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN U.S.A.

14th March 2018

jeff kunze
Words and Pictures: Jeff Kunze

sabaton kreator

The Music Hall Minneapolis welcomed a couple of heavyweights from foreign lands to its stage; Sabaton, hailing from Sweden, and Kreator, the thrash kings from Germany.

The term legendary is often thrown out too loosely, but it's exactly the right word to use when you talk about Kreator, Germany's biggest thrash export. Their catalogue is extensive and they play at an explosive rate that devours everything in its path. Tonight's performance was exactly that.

sabaton kreator

The stage went black and smoke began to flood the stage. Massive white lights quickly absorbed the room and you couldn't see a thing, but you knew the chaos was coming.

The band ignited into 'Phantom Antichrist' and this ride was on its way. There isn't a lot of mystery to a Kreator show, nothing that will shock you, it's simply four guys blowing the roof off the place.

sabaton kreator

We all know the songs that will be played with a sonic fury, 'Enemy Of God', 'Flag Of Hate', and 'From Flood Into Fire', just to name a few.

The band ploughs through the set in perfect sync with Christian Giesler (bass), Jurgen “Ventor” Reil (drums) and Sami Yli-Sirnio (guitar) and of course, Mille Petrozza, on vocals and guitar.

sabaton kreator

I am a huge fan of the band's release in 2017 'Gods Of Violence' and we got a good chunk of it with 'Hail To Hordes', 'Satan Is Real', 'Army Of Storms', Totalitarian Terror', and the crushing title track from the album.

The crowd kept the circle pit moving with Mille providing inspiration to the crowd in between songs. Two of my favorite tracks, 'Phobia' and 'People Of The Lie' were highlights of the set.

sabaton kreator

The iconic 'Pleasure To Kill' would give the crowd one last mosh before the show closed. It was a beautifully destructive set delivered by a band that is nothing short of legendary.

I wondered as the Sabaton set was being put together if they would be able to follow Kreator and what the fan response would be. My knowledge of the band was limited as I had heard the name before but not much else.

sabaton kreator

The power Metal band hail from Falun, Sweden and their lyrics are based on war, historical battles, and acts of heroism. Looking at the stage and seeing that the microphone stands were military guns with army helmets on them, things started to fall in place.

sabaton kreator

The lights dropped out and the background screen lit up with animated tanks. The intro music of 'In The Army Now' and then 'March To War' ignited the crowd and I knew right then that this band had a massive following.

The band hit the stage in matching camouflage pants and ripped into 'Ghost Division'. Immediately I was taken in by the energy of the band and constant interaction with the people that were there to see them.

The band consists of Joakim Broden (vocals), Par Sundstrom (bass), Hannes Van Dahl (drums), Tommy Johansson (guitar), and Chris Rorland (guitar) and together they took control of the venue quickly.

sabaton kreator

Broden had a great presence with his fist pumps and trademark glasses. The guitars played off each other in perfect unison while the rhythm section was tight.

The set continued on with 'Uprising' and 'Blood Of Bannockburn' which has an infectious guitar riff in it and was one of my favorite songs of the night. I didn't expect the songs to be so catchy and contain huge melodic pieces intertwined within the choruses.

They maneuver through various types of songs like the epic 'Cliffs Of Gallipoli', an anthem, 'The Last Stand', or the sobering 'The Final Solution'.

The showman that Broden is, led to the “one-man guitar solo” section. With guitar in hand he entertained the crowd with some humor before ripping into a few minutes of 'Master Of Puppets'. The fans ate it up and loved every minute of it.

They continued to march through the set that consisted of 'Resist And Bite', 'Sparta' and 'Night Witches' until closing with 'To Hell And Back'.

sabaton kreator

This tour packs a great punch with bands that can deliver live every night. I knew what Kreator was going to bring, an onslaught of unfiltered thrash played with the highest integrity.

Sabaton was the wildcard, as I didn't quite know what was coming but it didn't take long to dive right into their show. They were fun and that engagement they had with their fans was special.

A fun night and a tour you should check out.

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