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An Evening With Lita Ford: Outtakes Bar & Grill – New Hope, Minnesota

9th April 2018

jeff kunze
Words and Pictures: Jeff Kunze

lita ford

FanHQ, Outtakes Bar & Grill, Hi Fi Hair and Records and Capitol Guitars presented an Evening with Lita Ford where the rock icon took the stage to perform some of her classic hits, and gave fans an inside look into her historic career.

This career began with The Runaways in the 70s, before going solo in the 80s and she continues to perform and write new material in today's musical markets.

Tiffany Beamer, lead singer of Rebel Queens, hosted this amazing evening of music and fan-driven questions. Joining Lita on stage was guitarist Patrick Kennison who has been with her band since 2014.

lita ford

I loved the environment created for the show. The stage was small with dim lighting and two microphone; music in its simplest form with acoustic guitars. It wasn't the big rock show with bright lights, walls of amps and volumes cranked to eleven.

After introductions the first song played was 'Luv 2 Hate U', from the 'Living Like A Runaway' release. Gary Hoey co-wrote the song and Lita credits him for her return to the classic sound - Hoey, is her perfect match for a musical writing partner.

'Playing With Fire' was my favourite song of the night. It is a rousing sing-along song that has an infectious chorus and hook and even with the song completely stripped down from its usual form, was just as powerful and enjoyable.

lita ford

V.I.P. fans had the opportunity to ask questions that covered a wide variety of topics. The Q&A revealed the following facts:

- Her favorite guitar is her double neck B.C. Rich with "We Love You Lita" engraved on the back of one neck and "Prototype" on the other.
- The trademarked logo of the black widow and hourglass will be her next tattoo that will be placed on the back of her neck.
- Touring with Bon Jovi in 1988-89 was one of her favorite experiences, which included a crash course of learning "Come Together" by The Beatles that didn't start all that well.

She shared many great stories and memories including how she searched for a singer to front her new band after The Runaways, but finally decided to handle the vocal duties.

Lita was disappointed when Joan Jett made it into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and didn't go in as a member of The Runaways when the entire band could have been inducted.

She also told us about the battle of being a woman guitar player in a male dominated Metal scene and how she had to constantly prove herself to survive. Her book, 'Living Like A Runaway', held back some of the darkest material due to the publisher not wanted it in the book.

The mood in the room got heavy as Lita talked about the song 'Lisa', penned as a tribute to her mother who was battling breast cancer. You could see the emotion on Lita's face as she talked about the song. She then played a beautiful rendition of it.

lita ford

With a couple of songs left, it was clear what was coming next. 'Close Your Eyes Forever' kicked in and you could feel the excitement.

If you've ever forgotten how big that song was, and still is, look no further than when those opening notes engulfed the entire room. The star, however, was Kennison, as he played the role of Ozzy and nailed it perfectly.

The duet was spot on and the power of the song spilled over in the acoustic setting. When asked if she had ever performed the song live with Ozzy, she replied, "He could never remember the words".

lita ford

The closer would bring the house down. It was that unforgettable, up-tempo, sing along, known as 'Kiss Me Deadly'. The place was rocking and singing as the performance came to an end.

Getting the opportunity to hear the music and the stories shed new light on the career of Lita Ford. The pair put on an entertaining show that engaged the audience in a special intimate setting.

Thank you Fan HQ, for putting on such a great event.

lita ford

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