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The Amorettes/Richy Neill And The Reinforcements: Bannermans, Edinburgh, 2nd April 2018

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Mark Holloway
4th April 2018


Scots power rock trio The Amorettes hadn't played in Edinburgh for some time so there was a packed crowd in Bannermans to see them warming up for their forthcoming UK tour with The Dead Daisies. It's never easy to be a support act in those circumstances and local band Richy Neill And The Reinforcements also had to deal with not being able to fit on Bannermans cramped stage.

Mr Neill himself was forced to perform on the floor with his band on the stage behind him, but he didn't let that faze him one bit. With a sense of swagger and a confidence in their material, from opener 'Hardcase' they held the audience's attention with their well crafted solid rock. Michael Stewart laid down some tasty lead guitar and joined his leader down on the floor at times, making the most of the chance to connect with the audience. By the time they finished the hook-laden and dramatic 'Take Another Drink' they had made a bunch of new friends and been more of a warm-up act than a support.


It was very warm indeed inside the venue by the time The Amorettes squeezed their way through the crowd and onto the stage. In the time since they last played here they've put a lot of miles under their belts, and become a lean and mean rock'n'roll machine. Despite taking some time off the road to record their new album, 'Born To Break', there is no sign of any rust at all as they launch into the brand new title track to open proceedings.

On the road is where these three musicians come to life. I've heard their new album and it's a cracker, but take that music and this band and put them on a stage and there's just a joy and an energy created which is irresistible. Barely anyone here has heard new track 'You Still Got Rock And Roll' but it has their signature sound of a catchy chorus, a memorable riff and a high energy attack which has the whole room nodding along in unison.


When they concentrate on more familiar material the temperature goes up another notch, and there is raucous singing along to the likes of 'Get What's Coming' and 'Take Cover'. The back to back pairing of 'Give 'Em Hell' and 'Bull By The Horns' is a sheer joy, rock'n'roll in its purest form, played with verve, imagination and a smile.

Gill Montgomery up front is the poster child for rock guitar gods, all flying hair and flying fingers, but she has a good voice too and it's nice to hear it used to full effect on latest single 'Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll'. Her powerhouse rhythm section of Hannah and Heather McKay add some harmonies too in a song that showcases how much melody they have to go with their rock power.


There's a tendency among reviewers like myself to take the easy route and compare these three talented musicians to Rock Goddess, Girlschool and other well known female rock and Metal bands. I think we need to get with the times though; gender is really irrelevant here.

The Amorettes are simply a quality hot, sweaty, in your face, high energy, no nonsense rock'n'roll band and that's all you need to know. They put a big grin on my face every time I see them live and on their upcoming tour The Dead Daisies better be ready to play because these three are. Checking them out live should be on your to do list.

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