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The Devil Wears Prada: 'Transit Blues'
Out Now (Rise Records)

Luke Loki Milne
Luke 'Loki' Milne

devil wears prada

Beneath the cover of high-tension vocals and cutting, agitated guitar work there's a strange and eerie beauty that encompasses 'Transit Blues', the latest studio offering from Metalcore act The Devil Wears Prada. While the eleven track album ticks all the boxes expected of a 'typical' Metal release, the Ohio four-piece decorate their sound with catchy, broad and often euphoric melodic phrases throughout, adding a little special something to their latest studio opus that makes it a highly entertaining experience well worth revisiting more than just a few times.

Crafted under the banner of Rise Records, 'Transit Blues' is the sixth full-length album from the The Devil Wears Prada, seeing the band into their second decade of activity in the alternative music industry. The official music video for the single 'Daughter' has generated some 550,000 views on YouTube already, with the full release hitting stores earlier this month and expected to reach top positions in US album Charts. It wouldn't be the first time, either...

If you're seeking some of the best Metal bands out there, The Devil Wears Prada may not be such a bad stop to make along the way. The band have enjoyed top twenty chart positions with a number of their releases over the years; 2009s 'With Roots Above And Branches Below' hit number one positions in the US Christian, Hard Rock and Independent charts and their follow-up release a year later, 'Dead Throne', hit top ten positions in six separate categories. '8:18', the band's last studio release some three years ago, shared similar success to their 2009 release, with top ten spots in three of the US album charts.

Listening to 'Transit Blues', it's easy to see why the Ohio Metal act have gained so much traction over the years. Opening with the jarring guitar blasts of 'Praise Poison', the album's tracks average around three to four minutes of play time each, but house plenty of detailed movement and expression across the board. Each track harbours it's own unique characteristics and emotional traits, with seamless transitions across the board without any feelings of things becoming too samey.


Highlights occur at virtually every turning point of The Devil Wears Prada's latest offering, and it's almost impossible to pick even a handful of tracks that we'd label as favourites. Vocalist Jeremy DePoyster leads the charge with a bittersweet coupling of full-frontal, aggressive screams that twist effortlessly into a soothing calm of cleanly sung melodies. DePoyster's full-bodied and varied vocal presence sits atop a thick foundation of blasting percussion and heavy-set guitar riffs that mirror the stylistic elements of bands synonymous with Lamb Of God. It's a pleasure to explore 'Transit Blues' in full, and the album has been crafted with expert production value.

Speaking of God, I mentioned earlier that The Devil Wears Prada featured in the US Christian Rock charts earlier. For the uninitiated, it's true that the band's lyrical content is painted with hints of religious undertone, but it's not quite as obvious or focal as some of the content found in the lyrics of bands like Creed, Kutless or Red. While not a huge talking point, it does mean that 'Transit Blues' doesn't unintentionally alienate any parties, and is accessible even to those that don't keep the faith.

devil wears prada

Overall, 'Transit Blues' presents a strong and highly enjoyable experience that expertly touches on a number of melodic and rhythmic staples in Metal music. Whether standing at the forefront of your attention or resting as the background soundtrack to your evening, The Devil Wears Prada's latest release will fit well amid your collection, and is well worth the investment of both time and money.

The band are currently in the midst of their American and European 'Rise Up' tour, which will hit the UK from November 29th, starting at The Waterfront in Norwich before moving through a number of UK cities.


devil wears prada

1. Praise Poison (2:34)
2. Daughter (2:28)
3. Worldwide (3:28)
4. Lock & Load (3:19)
5. Flyover States (3:24)
6. Detroit Tapes (2:12)
7. The Condition (4:00)
8. To The Key Of Evergreen (5:07)
9. Submersion (4:13)
10. Home For Grave, Pt. II (4:03)
11. Transit Blues (3:24)



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