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'The Dark'
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Joe Geesin

joe geesin


Based in the West Midlands (centre to which is Birmingham, home of the foundations of Heavy Metal, including Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slade et al), Electus are a young yet Classic Rock influenced band who have just released their debut album.

Already with much live and studio acclaim, a couple of compilation appearances under their belt and European dates planned, rehearsals are underway for their second album, due later this year. Proof that the only way to get ahead in this industry is hard work.

The band's roots centre around vocalist/rhythm guitarist Russell Peake, who took to concentrating on song-writing in 2003, with occasional touring and acoustic releases. Passions, along with songs, grew, and by 2008 it was time to form a band.

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A few line-up changes and a lot of gigs later the band here consist of drummer Mick Hales, lead guitarist Ross Kane and bassist Dan Smith, alongside Peake.

Opener 'Shelter' kicks off with some ambient effects and acoustic strumming, a sound base for the moody and almost gothic slow lead guitar; quite atmospheric, culminating in a roll of thunder, rain and a siren. Then '18' hits you in the face; chunky, hard and heavy with a rough feel.

There's a metal soul feel to 'Aphrodite', the screaming guitars mid-song stand out (there's quite a blistering guitar solo), but the mid pace and slow but mid-range vocals give a 90s feel. The guitar work on 'Just One Night' is punchier, the riffs more quickfire.

There's a hint of Led Zeppelin to 'Just For One Night', albeit in a brighter, crunchier in-your-face fashion. The guitar, bass and drums are there, the song structure, the vocal phrasing is a little punchier than earlier songs (the longer/slower phrasing on some songs gives a more American feel).

Some of the tracks, like 'Fake Love', have a deep vocal that still produces a scream, a hint of The Cult's Ian Astbury there.

The pace comes down to earth with 'Sunflower', a ballad with acoustic elements, yet it builds mid song with some Priest like guitar work. In contrast, 'Morning Psalm' is a dirtier track, with a tint of grunge.

The bass and drums are thumping throughout, and the leather clad riffs reminiscent of head banging days gone by with lots of classic rock/metal influences with a (very occasional) grunge or alt nod that gives a more modern and American feel.

With more dates and a second album planned for later this year, things are looking up. Enjoyable too.

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