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Liz Medhurst

orphaned land

Kn'aan (Canaan in Western spelling) is a side project, a joint venture from Israeli Metal bands Orphaned Land and Amaseffer, and is the soundtrack for a play written by Walter Wayers about the religious tale of Abraham, Sarah and their sons.

It's not specified which religious point of view this is written from, but there isn't a lot of difference in the way the tale is told by the Jewish, Christian or Islam religions.

Orphaned Land themselves are noteable for being inclusive to all and bringing warring factions together by the power of Heavy Metal. As tales go, it's pretty brutal, all about forsaking, banishing, rivalry, conflict, jealousy, sorrow, patriarchy and the related fallout. The album reflects these emotions, the lyrics are hard-hitting and revisiting this story does not make for comfortable listening.

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In complete contrast however the music is incredible, with gorgeous melodies, unique Middle Eastern stylings and dramatic motifs. The songs are structured in symphonic or progressive Metal style, with changes of tempo and style and there is a mix of ballads and Metal songs. The ballads are meaty and the Metal is light – this could have been a horribly middle of the road result, but it’s really not. The music provides the exact counterpoint needed to the story, and the vocals are theatrical without tipping over into schmaltz.

There is some excellent acoustic guitar work throughout and the traumatic parts of the story are well catered for with the stylings of 'The Angel Of The Lord' and 'There Is No God For Ishma'el'.

orpahned land
Kobi Farhi, Orphaned Land

Towards the end of the album, when you are feeling pretty fed up about the distress felt by all the characters, inflicted on them and by them in equal measures, comes a real breakthrough moment. 'Prisoners Of The Past' provides a commentary to the story, declaring it is a "masterpiece of evil to think that God is on your side" and "we reap what we sow".

There’s a real chance of redemption here as the lyrics go on to claim "the dance of hate will flow in our blood – tragic circles of hate, two hands with guns and books and faith. To overcome we must redeem the prisoners of the past".

This important message closes the album on a hopeful note - it is everyone's responsibility to break the chains and start living the truth that we are all one, brothers and sisters together on the planet with no need to be controlled by myths. Can we do it, and be free?


Orphaned Land will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with a special tour featuring China's Voodoo Kungfu and Russia's Imperial Age at the following dates:

03.11.16 Germany Matrix Bochum
04.11.16 Holland Nieuwe Pul Uden
05.11.16 Germany Bastard Club Osnabrück
06.11.16 Denmark Loppen Kobenhavn
07.11.16 Germany Marx Hamburg
08.11.16 Germany Bi Nuu Berlin
09.11.16 Germany Backstage Munich
10.11.16 Czech Rep Nova Chmeinice Prague
11.11.16 Poland Firlej Wroclaw
12.11.16 Slovakia Randel Club Bratislava
13.11.16 Italy Midian Live Cremona
14.11.16 Italy Cycle Florence
15.11.16 Swiss Z7 Pratteln
16.11.16 France Coo Vileurbainne Lyon
17.11.16 France Devan du Monde Paris
18.11.16 Holland Baroeg Rotterdam
19.11.16 Belgium Biebob Vosselaar
20.11.16 UK Underworld London



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